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Grassland Bushman Lodge (Central Kalahari GR, Botswana) is a little world of wonders


Grassland Safari Lodge is a hub of excitement and adventure! While guests are welcome to relax and enjoy the unique ambiance of the lodge, there’s always something new to explore. Our exclusive location allows us to offer activities that are either unique to Grassland or exceptionally different from those found elsewhere, ensuring an unforgettable experience. Our five main activities include a comprehensive San (Bushman) experience, morning and afternoon game drives, a distinctive predator protection project, rhino tracking, and horseback safaris that bring guests closer to wildlife. Please note that horseback riding is reserved for experienced riders, and bookings must be made in advance as helmets are not provided.

Two activities per person per night stay are included in the Chalet rates only

Camping guests are more than welcome to pre-book (7 days in advance) any of these activities at an additional cost.

Grassland Safari Lodge (Central Kalahari GR, Botswana) is a little world of wonders…

Experience the diverse wildlife and bird species of the Kalahari through our exciting game drives, horseback rides, or by observing the many animals that frequent our own waterhole. Interact with the San bushmen, who are indigenous to the area, and discover their traditional way of life, from hunting for food to building homes and playing games. Gain insight into our Predator Project, which focuses on rescuing and rehabilitating lions, leopards, and wild dogs. Enjoy unforgettable moments in the heart of the Kalahari.

Bushman Walks

Cultural Experience with San Family

Game Drives

Game Drives

Predator Project Tours (feeding Days)

Predator Project Tours

Bushman Games & Dancing

San Toolmaking and Games

Horseback safaris (only for the experienced rider)

Horseback safaris (only for the experienced rider)

Predator Project Tours (Non feeding days)

Rhino Tracking


Grassland Safari Lodge offers a unique opportunity for guests to engage with the San community. Experience real-life activities such as searching for food and medicines among the diverse range of plants and trees that thrive in the region. The wealth of resources available at any given time is sure to astound you. The San will also demonstrate how they used to hunt for meat, and teach you the art of fire-making using traditional sticks. Discover the intricacies of their nomadic homes and learn about their cultural pastimes and games, which have numerous fitness benefits.


Meet Neeltjie De Graaff

Neeltjie (de Graaff) Bower owner and professional safari guide at Grassland Safari Lodge is a native Botswana and fifth-generation citizen and resident in Ghanzi. Neeltjie’s family arrived in Ghanzi in 1898 with the Dorsland trek from South Africa. Neeltjie grew up on a cattle ranch where she and the San (Bushman) children shared the pleasure of a free childhood in a natural environment. She is the eldest daughter of Willie and Annatjie de Graaff and has three sisters. After attending college in South Africa, studying travel and tourism, she obtained her professional safari guide license in Botswana in 1996 and worked with some of the top safari operators in Southern Africa. With Neeltjie’s vast knowledge of the culture, animals, and country, she will guide you through a magnificent experience observing the interaction of the world’s oldest living people together with nature in the ancient Kalahari. Neeltjie has a close affinity with the San and shared love for all things natural and it is apparent from the outset. Guests at Grassland Safari Lodge can take advantage of this special relationship, as Neeltjie can introduce you to the local people, who are all too willing to give you an insight into their world and give guests a true Bushman experience. Communicating in Naro (a bushman language which some refer to as “clicks”, because of the curious clicking sounds made with the tongue) there is an obvious close bond between the local people and Neeltjie. She is married to Tiaan Bower who helps to manage the lodge. Tiaan is an industrial engineer but uses his skills to help manage the lodge alongside Neeltjie. They have two daughters, Anri and Nelien, who are also fluent in the Naro bushman language. Neeltjie and her family, together with the Bushman, can’t wait to welcome you to Grassland Safari Lodge.

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